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Tag: social dialogue

Fca-Psa merger and the unintended consequences of European Social Law

by Giorgio Verrecchia, expert on Labour Law of CTS OpenCorporation

Reading Volker Telljohann’s article, which is precise and full of information, made me think about the FCA-PSA merger affair with regard to two aspects that I believe to be significant: on the one hand, the development of European social law and, on the other, the study of TNC information.

Fusione FCA-Psa e l’eterogenesi dei fini del diritto sociale europeo

di Giorgio Verrecchia, esperto di Diritto del Lavoro di CTS OpenCorporation

La lettura dell’articolo di Volker Telljohann, preciso e ricco di informazioni, mi ha fatto riflettere sulla vicenda della fusione FCA-PSA relativamente a due aspetti che ritengo significativi: da un lato lo sviluppo del diritto sociale europeo e dall’altro lo studio delle informazioni delle TNC.

The role and functions of workers’ representatives in the transnational company.

by Ornella La Tegola, Labour Law researcher at the University of Bari

A good social dialogue and the recognition of the right of workers and their representatives to be involved allows attention to be paid to all socially sensitive issues, creating a virtuous circle that extends from fundamental social rights of workers to citizenship rights.