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Tag: health system

A comparison of health care systems in Europe: structural trends in the face of Covid-19

Davide Dazzi, Ires Emilia-Romagna and OpenCorporation

In continuity with what has already been reported in a previous article on the different relationship between public and private in national health systems in the face of the Covid-19 threat, an attempt will be made here to give a comparative observation point to understand how the capacity to react in the present also depends on divergent structural trends in national health systems in Europe. And if indeed the “post Coronavirus” must be different from the “before”, it becomes more and more important to question the way it was before.

ETUI training: react and relaunch

by Ilaria Costantini, Education Officer ETUI

ETUI training offer is usually made of face to face activities and online courses. Current constraints are requiring us to react by rethinking our offer and the way we reach out our potential participants. That’s why we’re about informing all our contact persons working in national Trade Unions about a series of online courses open for registrations