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Tag: Germany

Union policies and strategies in response to the Coronavirus emergency in Germany

by Volker Telljohann

The effects of the Coronavirus crisis are accelerating the transformation processes in the German automotive industry: what are the reactions, strategies and tools put in place by the union?

Politiche e strategie sindacali in risposta all’emergenza Coronavirus in Germania

di Volker Telljohann, Ires Emilia-Romagna

Gli effetti della crisi legata al Coronavirus stanno accelerando processi di trasformazione del settore automobilistico tedesco: quali le reazioni, strategie e strumenti messi in campo dal sindacato?

Germany and Covid-19 – The Various Responses to COVID-19 Hide the Need for a Common Approach

By Michael Whittall and Mae Whittall

We should not let the praise for Germany’s COVID-19 response blind us to the fact that the country has underlying social problems, too. Like journalists’ reporting on the Virus, social scientists have at times been complicit in ignoring the neo-liberal tendencies in the European Union’s leading economy.