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Gender equality in the recovery plans

by Anna Maria Romano, CGIL Tuscany, Vice President UNI-Europe Finance, financial expert for CTS OpenCorporation

On January 22, the European Commission published new guidelines for the final drafting of the national recovery plans. Third among the overall objectives of the NGEU program, and this represents a major innovation, the Commission includes gender equality.

La parità di genere nei piani di recovery

di Anna Maria Romano, CGIL Toscana, Vice-Presidente di UNI-Europa Finance, esperta di problemi finanziari del CTS OpenCorporation

Il 22 gennaio, la Commissione europea ha pubblicato le nuove linee guida per la stesura definitiva dei piani nazionali per il “Recovery Plan”. Al terzo posto tra gli obiettivi complessivi del programma NGEU, ed è questa una grande novità, la Commissione inserisce la parità di genere.

#BigPharma, #UE and vaccines as global public goods

Benedetta Mariani, pharmacist – Filcams Coordinator of pharmacies in Tuscany

Vaccines are under patent, worldwide demand far exceeds supply, and the margins that can be achieved on the market by Big Pharma in the coming months are enormous, in addition to the resounding rises in their stock prices during 2020. The European Commission is putting pressure on Pfizer and Astra Zeneca to fully respect the agreements made and not just “doing their best” as Soriot, CEO of Astra Zeneca, has claimed, but the situation is not yet resolved.

#BigPharma, #UE e i vaccini come bene pubblico globale

di Benedetta Mariani, farmacista – Coordinatrice Filcams farmacie della Toscana

I vaccini sono sotto brevetto, la domanda mondiale supera ampiamente l’offerta e i margini realizzabili sul mercato dalle Big Pharma nei prossimi mesi sono enormi, e si aggiungono agli strepitosi rialzi delle loro quotazioni in Borsa nel corso del 2020. La Commissione europea sta facendo pressione perché Pfizer e Astra Zeneca rispettino pienamente gli accordi presi e non solo “facendo del loro meglio” come ha sostenuto Soriot, AD di Astra Zeneca, ma la situazione non è ancora risolta.

The role of smart working in the digital transition within the European scenario

by Bianca Cuciniello, UIL Private Bargaining, Representation, Sectoral Policies and Environment

Smart working and the right to disconnection: the role of the European Social Dialogue and the different stages of the European regulatory process

Il ruolo dello smart working nella transizione digitale nello scenario europeo

di Bianca Cuciniello, UIL Contrattazione Privata, Rappresentanza, Politiche Settoriali e Ambiente

Smart working e diritto alla disconnessione: il ruolo del Dialogo Sociale Europeo e le diverse tappe del percorso di regolamentazione europeo

Smart working: from anti-pandemic measure to work organisation model

by Ornella La Tegola, Labour Law Researcher of Bari University “Aldo Moro”

The kind of smart working we have seen has been entirely to the advantage of the company and to the detriment of the worker, because smart working as a tool for flexibility in terms of working time and place, as well as for the contamination of ideas, has been and continues to be very little

Smart working: da misura di contrasto alla diffusione della pandemia a modello di organizzazione del lavoro

Ornella La Tegola, Ricercatrice di Diritto del Lavoro Università di Bari “Aldo Moro”

Lo smart working che abbiamo visto è stato tutto a vantaggio dell’impresa e a danno del lavoratore, perché dello smart working come strumento di flessibilità nei luoghi e nei tempi di lavoro, oltre che di contaminazione di idee, c’è stato e continua ad esserci ben poco

A comparison of health care systems in Europe: structural trends in the face of Covid-19

Davide Dazzi, Ires Emilia-Romagna and OpenCorporation

In continuity with what has already been reported in a previous article on the different relationship between public and private in national health systems in the face of the Covid-19 threat, an attempt will be made here to give a comparative observation point to understand how the capacity to react in the present also depends on divergent structural trends in national health systems in Europe. And if indeed the “post Coronavirus” must be different from the “before”, it becomes more and more important to question the way it was before.

ETUI training: react and relaunch

by Ilaria Costantini, Education Officer ETUI

ETUI training offer is usually made of face to face activities and online courses. Current constraints are requiring us to react by rethinking our offer and the way we reach out our potential participants. That’s why we’re about informing all our contact persons working in national Trade Unions about a series of online courses open for registrations