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#BigPharma, #UE and vaccines as global public goods

Benedetta Mariani, pharmacist – Filcams Coordinator of pharmacies in Tuscany

Vaccines are under patent, worldwide demand far exceeds supply, and the margins that can be achieved on the market by Big Pharma in the coming months are enormous, in addition to the resounding rises in their stock prices during 2020. The European Commission is putting pressure on Pfizer and Astra Zeneca to fully respect the agreements made and not just “doing their best” as Soriot, CEO of Astra Zeneca, has claimed, but the situation is not yet resolved.

#BigPharma, #UE e i vaccini come bene pubblico globale

di Benedetta Mariani, farmacista – Coordinatrice Filcams farmacie della Toscana

I vaccini sono sotto brevetto, la domanda mondiale supera ampiamente l’offerta e i margini realizzabili sul mercato dalle Big Pharma nei prossimi mesi sono enormi, e si aggiungono agli strepitosi rialzi delle loro quotazioni in Borsa nel corso del 2020. La Commissione europea sta facendo pressione perché Pfizer e Astra Zeneca rispettino pienamente gli accordi presi e non solo “facendo del loro meglio” come ha sostenuto Soriot, AD di Astra Zeneca, ma la situazione non è ancora risolta.

Smart working: from anti-pandemic measure to work organisation model

by Ornella La Tegola, Labour Law Researcher of Bari University “Aldo Moro”

The kind of smart working we have seen has been entirely to the advantage of the company and to the detriment of the worker, because smart working as a tool for flexibility in terms of working time and place, as well as for the contamination of ideas, has been and continues to be very little

Union policies and strategies in response to the Coronavirus emergency in Germany

by Volker Telljohann

The effects of the Coronavirus crisis are accelerating the transformation processes in the German automotive industry: what are the reactions, strategies and tools put in place by the union?

Politiche e strategie sindacali in risposta all’emergenza Coronavirus in Germania

di Volker Telljohann, Ires Emilia-Romagna

Gli effetti della crisi legata al Coronavirus stanno accelerando processi di trasformazione del settore automobilistico tedesco: quali le reazioni, strategie e strumenti messi in campo dal sindacato?