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Recalculation of the Finance indicator and integration with the More (Multi Objective Rating Evaluation) index

Since 2020, the OpenCorporation rating on finance features a different calculation method. In addition to having introduced the fiscal burden index, the finance rating also takes into account the More – Multi Objective Rating Evaluation index.

The MORE index is an assessment of a company’s creditworthiness based on its ability to meet its financial commitments. The MORE index was developed by modeFinance and is based on a snapshot of a company’s financial health and is independent of the financial structure of the debt.

In addition to the creditworthiness score, the MORE rating system produces other information including the level of confidence, which is represented by an index reflecting the different availability of financial data in accordance with different regulations on depositing/archiving of financial statements and suggests the degree of financial detail that the MORE score is able to take into account for each company suggests.

The OpenCorporation finance rating calculation takes into account the MORE corporate confidence level and this value is visible within the extended questionnaire accessible from the corporate rating page (e.g., for Enel click here, question 87).

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