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Recalculation of Environment indicator and integration with Trucost

Since 2020, the OpenCorporation rating on the environment features a different calculation method. Together with other information, the environment rating takes into account the environmental risk rating produced by Trucost.

The environmental risk score is the hypothetical share of turnover at risk if a company is required to pay for the environmental damage caused by its activities. The score is calculated by Trucost on the basis of its own information and the analysis of the company’s financial statements and takes into account the sector to which it belongs.

The score is provided together with a level of confidence showing the transparency of the data used for the calculation of environmental risk.

The environmental risk is calculated taking into account 6 different areas of environmental risk:

  • greenhouse gases
  • water
  • waste
  • air pollution
  • land and water pollution
  • Use of natural resources

The different values assumed by the environmental risk score, the level of confidence and the individual scores on the 6 different areas of environmental risk are visible within the extended questionnaire accessible from the corporate assessment page (e.g., for Enel click here, questions 128, 129 and 130).

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