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Dialogue with Business Human Rights

The Business Human Rights Resource Centre is a network of 13 administrators worldwide and a group of more than 50 researchers and contacts committed to the development of Human Rights in business and the struggle against any kind of abuse. On their website it is possible to monitor the behavior and conduct of over 9 thousand companies on the recognition, transparency, implementation of human rights and possible abuses.

On the Business Human Rights website, the various company factsheets with the latest news and information on the behaviour of the companies monitored can be consulted, and a link to the corresponding Business Human Rights company factsheet has been added to the new OpenCorporation 2020 evaluation form.

On the OpenCorporation Business Evaluation Sheet, the link to the corresponding Business Human Rights company page is located at the bottom of the right-hand information column under “Other Resources” (example, OC 2020 ENEL page).

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