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Corporate News

Since 2020, for all the nearly 10,000 multinationals included in the OpenCorporation Observatory, a section dedicated to news has been introduced on the company web page, i.e. information traced and collected on the main national and international online newspapers (the news is reported in the original language in Italian and English).

For each news item, the title, date of publication, a brief description of the content and a link to the source and then to the original article is provided.

For companies within the scope of the OpenCorporation Ranking, news are located below the map related to the georeferencing of subsidiaries (e.g. ENEL OpenCorporation 2020). The most recent news can be found in the company’s profile (grey arrow) while all news can be accessed through the link “See all news in archive” (red arrow).

For the other companies of the OpenCorporation Observatory that are not part of the OpenCorporation Ranking perimeter, the news are placed at the bottom of the information tab in the same way: the most recent news will be directly visible on the tab and all other news in the link to the company news archive.

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