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Categoria: OpenCorporation Observatory

Let’s shed some light on exploitation in the fashion industry

by Deborah Lucchetti, the Coordinator of Clean Clothes Campaign

The Clean Clothes Campaign launches a new website dedicated to workers’ rights activists and consumers. The Fashion Checker platform contains information on 108 brands and hundreds of interviews with women and workers in five manufacturing countries.

#Adidas #Amazon #Carrefour #Decathlon #HM #Inditex #Lidl #LVMH #Nike #Puma #Walmart #Zalando

Attrazione fiscale: multinazionali italiane nei Paesi Bassi

di Anna Maria Romano, CGIL Toscana, Vice-Presidente di UNI-Europa Finance, esperta di problemi finanziari di CTS OpenCorporation

Perchè il gruppo #FCA ha sede nei #PaesiBassi? E perché, come loro, decine di migliaia di aziende europee e straniere?
#taxation #covid19 #Netherlands

Germany and Covid-19 – The Various Responses to COVID-19 Hide the Need for a Common Approach

By Michael Whittall and Mae Whittall

We should not let the praise for Germany’s COVID-19 response blind us to the fact that the country has underlying social problems, too. Like journalists’ reporting on the Virus, social scientists have at times been complicit in ignoring the neo-liberal tendencies in the European Union’s leading economy.