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Training of EWC members in the face of Covid-19: proposals, solutions and issues

Bruno Demaître, ETUI Education Officer interviewed by Gabriele Guglielmi, Filcams Cgil International Policies Coordinator

The ETUI already started delivering training for EWCs as early as the 1990s, after the first Directive had been published. As the number of EWCs started to grow, the number of demands for training also increased gradually. The right to training as included in the 2009 recast Directive gave a further boost.

The value of taxation: playing cards face up

By Anna Maria Romano, CGIL Tuscany, Vice President UNI-Europe Finance, financial expert for CTS Open Corporation

Public welfare is paid for with our money. There is no discussion. Taxes are the only tool for financing public services. Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta and Hungary are, together with the Netherlands, the countries in which fiscal dumping policies cause an unbalance in the Community context.

Germany and Covid-19 – The Various Responses to COVID-19 Hide the Need for a Common Approach

By Michael Whittall and Mae Whittall

We should not let the praise for Germany’s COVID-19 response blind us to the fact that the country has underlying social problems, too. Like journalists’ reporting on the Virus, social scientists have at times been complicit in ignoring the neo-liberal tendencies in the European Union’s leading economy.

Information and consultation at the Covid-19 test: videoconferencing

by Giorgio Verrecchia, expert in Labour Law of CTS OpenCorporation

As is well known, the objective pursued by the European legislator is to improve the right to information and consultation of employees in Community undertakings in its dual role of protecting the “harmonious development” of economic activities and the fundamental right of employees and their representatives.

A comparison of health care systems in Europe: structural trends in the face of Covid-19

Davide Dazzi, Ires Emilia-Romagna and OpenCorporation

In continuity with what has already been reported in a previous article on the different relationship between public and private in national health systems in the face of the Covid-19 threat, an attempt will be made here to give a comparative observation point to understand how the capacity to react in the present also depends on divergent structural trends in national health systems in Europe. And if indeed the “post Coronavirus” must be different from the “before”, it becomes more and more important to question the way it was before.

Hungary and Covid-19: impact on tourism

Lajos Böröcz, Hungarian Hospitality Employers’ Association Secretary General

The events promised catastrophic consequences for the the tourism sector. Almost all the 1050 hotels have also closed the doors in lack of guests and tens of thousands of sectoral employees have returned from their Austrian, German, British restaurants-hotels, that have also closed down.

ETUI training: react and relaunch

by Ilaria Costantini, Education Officer ETUI

ETUI training offer is usually made of face to face activities and online courses. Current constraints are requiring us to react by rethinking our offer and the way we reach out our potential participants. That’s why we’re about informing all our contact persons working in national Trade Unions about a series of online courses open for registrations

What is the CoronaVirus current and future situation in relation to EWC activities

by Gabriele Guglielmi, Filcams CGIL International Policies Coordinator

During this emergency we have all understood how much value the “time factor” has, let’s immediately open a discussion on what the current #CoronaVirus situation is and will be like in the future for EWC activity and for training, even remotely, of EWC members.

The slow, halting and confused response to the Coronavirus outbreak in USA

by Matt Hancock, organization development consultant

In the same day that the United States Senate approved the largest economic stimulus package in history, Americans learned that there were now more cases of COVID-19 in the US than in any other country, surpassing both China and Italy.