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The #OpenCorporation Observatory and “predominantly sporting events”, at the America’s Cup of the antipodes the approach is reversed

Gabriele Guglielmi, Filcams CGIL, OpenCorporation Coordinator

Starting from the America’s Cup we will observe the ocean of sponsors and companies that are the wind and the sail of the sporting events themselves, of the teams, of the single athletes and of the markets (TV, Social, fashion, products and services) that revolve around them in order to win the most coveted “quasi-sporting” race: to gather the public’s attention and sell more goods and services.

Plastics in cosmetics

Simona Fabiani, National CGIL, Climate, Environmental and Territorial Policies and expert of CTS OpenCorporation

One of the ingredients used in cosmetics is plastic. It is used in the form of tiny solid particles less than 5 millimeters in size, which are intentionally added to cosmetics and personal care products, as emulsifying agents, exfoliants or simply as fillers. Plastics are found in so many cosmetic products: lipsticks, lip glosses, illuminants, mascaras, foundations, toothpastes, bubble baths, shampoos, etc.

UNI Global Union releases principles for collective bargaining to advance remote workers’ rights

UNI Global Union

The rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus since February 2020, and the subsequent lockdowns, has accelerated the rise of remote work. To support trade unions around the world who are negotiating working conditions for this growing trend, UNI Global Union – with the support of UNI Finance, UNI ICTS and UNI P&M – organised a high-level webinar on 23 February 2021 to launch the UNI key principles to advance remote workers’ rights.

What makes overcoming the glass ceiling so complicated?

Tania Scacchetti, Segretaria Confederale Cgil Nazionale

Many studies show that female employment is correlated with productivity growth and wages, more equal and horizontal human resource strategies and higher fertility rates. But if this is the case, why is it so difficult to have women at top levels?

Gender equality in the recovery plans

by Anna Maria Romano, CGIL Tuscany, Vice President UNI-Europe Finance, financial expert for CTS OpenCorporation

On January 22, the European Commission published new guidelines for the final drafting of the national recovery plans. Third among the overall objectives of the NGEU program, and this represents a major innovation, the Commission includes gender equality.

The equal gender presence beyond the normative technique

Ornella La Tegola, Labour Law Researcher at the University of Bari, Component of the Technical Scientific Committee of Open Corporation

considerations on the profiles of the regulatory technique used to achieve the goal of equal gender presence in all places of social, cultural, political and economic life of the country, including in the boards of directors of listed companies.

OpenCorporation and the World Corporate Chess Championship

Gabriele Guglielmi, Filcams CGIL Coordinator for International Policies and OpenCorporation

Taking a cue from the article on #CorrieredellaSera “The king of chess at the corporate tournament”, we propose a comparison between the FIDE (International Chess Federation) and OpenCorporation.

Transparency international, 2020 index on “defense sector” companies on anti-corruption and corporate transparency

Gabriele Guglielmi, Filcams CGIL Coordinator for International Policies and the OpenCorporation project

A comparison between OpenCorporation ranking and civil society observatories