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The role of smart working in the digital transition within the European scenario

by Bianca Cuciniello, UIL Private Bargaining, Representation, Sectoral Policies and Environment

Smart working and the right to disconnection: the role of the European Social Dialogue and the different stages of the European regulatory process

Smart working: from anti-pandemic measure to work organisation model

by Ornella La Tegola, Labour Law Researcher of Bari University “Aldo Moro”

The kind of smart working we have seen has been entirely to the advantage of the company and to the detriment of the worker, because smart working as a tool for flexibility in terms of working time and place, as well as for the contamination of ideas, has been and continues to be very little

Union policies and strategies in response to the Coronavirus emergency in Germany

by Volker Telljohann

The effects of the Coronavirus crisis are accelerating the transformation processes in the German automotive industry: what are the reactions, strategies and tools put in place by the union?

IKEA: frugal people understand each other.

by Anna Maria Romano, CGIL Tuscany, Vice President UNI-Europe Finance, financial expert for CTS Open Corporation

IKEA is a subsidiary of the Dutch company Ingka Holding, owned by a non-profit foundation, the Stichting Ingka Foundation, created in 1982 by founder Ingvar Kamprad with the noble motivation of “spreading the progress of architecture and interior design”. The foundation is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world, with assets in excess of $35 billion.

Let’s shed some light on exploitation in the fashion industry

by Deborah Lucchetti, the Coordinator of Clean Clothes Campaign

The Clean Clothes Campaign launches a new website dedicated to workers’ rights activists and consumers. The Fashion Checker platform contains information on 108 brands and hundreds of interviews with women and workers in five manufacturing countries.

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