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Sanctions on Russian companies abroad

But which are the foreign ones in Russia? … and the Italian ones?

by Gabriele Guglielmi, FILCAMS CGIL OpenCorporation and international policies coordinator

The Russian companies that appear among the 586 in the OpenCorporation 2021 Ranking are only three and they are poorly positioned.

Ranking Rating Company name
195 53.8 Public joint stock company oil company lukoil
491 21.9 Public joint stock company gazprom
573 9.9 Joint stock company rusal bratsk aluminium smelter

Those present in the databases used by the OpenCorporation observatory are 85,887, and for 62,999 (73.35%), data is available on the turnover which amounts to 3,765,364,870 thousand Euros; for 58,144 (67.70%) we also have the number of employees whose total amount is 20,877,494 workers.

OpenCorporation’s research scope focuses on multinational companies with more than one thousand employees, so we have focused this first research on companies of this size, and of the 85,887, 2,429 were found to have a turnover of 773,021,876,000 Euros (773 billion) and 9,186,233 employees. Of these, 364 (15%) have their parent company abroad, and the largest number have their company name in “tiny ” Cyprus, which is part of the European Union but not also part of NATO.

ISO Country Amount
CY Cyprus 131
NL The Netherlands 55
DE Germany 32
GB UK 28
FR France 21
CH Switzerland 14
US United States 9
LU Luxembourg 8
AT Austria 7
SE Sweden 6

It is also interesting to note that among the 364 companies, 35 come from the Russian Federation, where the company name is that of the final owner: Cyprus 22, Great Britain 6, Virgin Islands 2 out of four, Switzerland 2 and the Netherlands.

A final note, “gender-gap”, on the Governance of the 2,429 companies observed: out of 41,609 top positions, women are 18.6% and fall to 11.7% in CEO positions.

Unfortunately, data on executive pay do not appear to be public.

One last curiosity: who are the Italian “mother” companies in Russia?

WHIRLPOOL EMEA S.P.A. (which in turn has its final owner in the USA), CALZEDONIA S.P.A., ADVENTUS INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. a company controlled by ERSEL INVESTIMENTI SPA.

Here the link to the databases

All data processing is carried by OpenCorporation on data from the Observatory and the Orbis Bureau van Dijk database. For further data, info and insights contact

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