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The world map of unions is online

The world map of over 3,800 Labor Unions is online.

This information is interconnected to the OpenCorporation Observatory, and on each company’s file there is also an online list and map of the company’s locations in countries around the world, as well as unions that may have affiliated workers in those workplaces. See for example the tab and map with the global presence of LVMH

Click on the map to see a list of unions in the countries and sectors of each subsidiary.

To learn more Tuesday, December 14, 2021, participate live in the OpenCorporationDay by connecting to the Facebook page

The Map is a tool to “network”, connect with other Unions that represent workers of the same company in other countries, e.g. Amazon  Carrefour  Coca-Cola  Deutsche bank  Electrolux  Enel Fedex H&M Iberdrola Manpower Nestlè Nh hotel  Sap Volkswagen  Webuild

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