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Brand and reputation

Gabriele Guglielmi, OpenCorporation and international policies coordinator FILCAMS CGIL

OpenCorporation, in addition to positively assessing ESG certifications, the adoption of ISO Standards, the company’s choice to apply international labor regulations even if they have not been ratified by the country where the parent company is headquartered … assigns a score for participation in Ranking, see question 68 of the OpenCorporation questionnaire, e.g. the one filled out by Iberdrola

The latest comparison published by OpenCorporation is dated October 26, 2021 compares two rankings that assign value to the brand.

“But how much are brands worth?”

We have attempted a comparison with the “reputational” rating given by OpenCorporation, trying to assess how much the brand has a value, not only economic and commercial, but also reputational.

Major brands don’t come off great.

The rankings of companies (or brands) present in both BrandZ and Interbrands were compared with the OpenCorporationRanking, re-proportioned on the same scale 1-100, (see the table Ranking of companies (or brands) present in both BrandZ and Interbrands in comparison with OpenCorporationRanking re-proportioned on a scale 1-100) filtering a group of 25 companies that in OpenCorporation have the highest “reputational” rating, we compared them with BrandZ and Interbrands. The result is in the table below. Top 25 OpenCorporation compared with BrandZ and Interbrands.

Comparable OpenCorporation Top25 compared with BrandZ and Interbrands

Source: elaborated by OpenCorporation

In green the companies that are also in the top 25 in BrandZ and/or Interbrands, in red those that are in the lowest positions, beyond the 50th.

The differences in coloration between the two brands are evident.

It is worth highlighting that some companies have the same “color” in both brand rankings and, apart from the French  LVMH MOET HENNESSY LOUIS VUITTON and the German SIEMENS AG  , for better or for worse the comparison is mainly between US companies INTEL CORP IBM  MCDONALD’S CORPORATION COCA-COLA COMPANY APPLE INC.. (Microsoft deserves a different approach, since it is green for itself but red for a brand it owns that is outside the OC perimeter).

From a reputational point of view, SIEMENS AG  FEDEX CORP and COLGATE  would appear to be undervalued. 


Ranking methodologies are often different and need to be harmonized with each other to make them comparable.

Although calculated on a 1-100 scale, even

KANTAR BRANDZ 2021 MOST VALUABLE GLOBAL BRANDS (methodology) and Interbrand Best Global Brands 2021 (methodology) also have different methodologies and consequently different results. Moreover, if their comparison is made with OpenCorporation, which does not evaluate the brand but the company’s reputation and indexes not 100, but 586 multinationals out of an observatory of 9809 companies with over 1,000 employees globally, the comparison is even more complex.

Not only that, but the reference audiences are also different in terms of type, e.g. the brand for OC is often not a company but a subsidiary or sometimes has no company name.

In these cases we have chosen to compare the company that owns the brand, e.g.

Budweiser beer is produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev. In Italy marketed as Bud. Corona
beer is also owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev
Gillette is owned by Procter & Gamble
Instagram is owned by Facebook
Linkedin  Xbox are owned by Microsoft
Marlboro is a cigarette brand owned by Philip Morris & Co
Pampers is owned by the multinational company Procter & Gamble 50/50 with Angelini
YouTube is owned by Google

We filtered the BrandZ and Interbrands Rankings obtaining the companies (or brands) present in both with their relative rankings and compared them with the OpenCorporation Ranking, re-proportioning the results on a 1-100 scale. Companies that are not within the 586 ranking in OC were ranked at position 101.

OpenCorporation systematically compares other rankings with its own, in part to see how well other rankings provide answers about company reputation.  

In 2021 we compared ourselves to 6 rankings, the following are the previous comparisons  
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The latest comparison is dated October 26, 2021 and is between two rankings that place
value on the brand. .
How much are brands worth anyway? attempting a comparison with the “reputational” ratings attributed by OpenCorporation, evaluating how much the brand has a value that is not only economic and commercial but also reputational.  The main brands do not do not fare well.  

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