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OpenCorporation Blog: program 2021

During 2020, the OpenCorporation Blog essentially performed two functions. Firstly, it served as a tool for communicating the structural evolutions of the OpenCorporation platform and as a showcase for the dynamic OpenCorporation ranking. Secondly, it has been a space for discussion and in-depth analysis among experts, unionists and academics on various topics mainly on:

During 2021, the OpenCorporation Blog aims to continue to be the voice of the OpenCorporation Platform and its dynamic ranking. At the same time, it continues to be a place for reflection and insight. But with a difference. While the topics dealt with in 2020 were mostly determined by impromptu decisions dictated by the pandemic upheaval, the thematic schedule for 2021 will be a planned choice. With a twofold purpose. To consolidate and extend the OpenCorporation network and to build a reasoned and coherent structure between the different contributions.

As a sign of continuity with what has already been dealt with, the thematic programme of the OpenCorporation Blog for 2021 intends to cover the following topics:

  • Covid-19 and paradigm shift: more supportive or more aggressive economic model?
    • Smart working, how much the shift to forms of remote working will change the idea of space, time, work organisation and workers’ rights;
    • Reaction of multinational companies to Covid-19: unilateral tools and contract agreements
    • National and transnational trade union strategies to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic?
  • Digital labour and potential regulatory tools
  • Taxation as a collective responsibility
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): dissemination and actual implementation, policies and regulatory initiatives.

In addition to contributions consistent with the planned topics, in 2021 the OpenCorporation Blog also intends to host posts aimed at pointing out

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