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Towards the 2020 OpenCorporation ranking

Today marks the beginning of the consultation of almost 600 multinationals called to integrate, verify and correct the information pre-filled by OpenCoporation based on multiple public (e.g. Etui Database, GRI database, Sa8000, ITUC Global Right Index)and private databases (Orbis di Bureau Van Dijk, RepRisk, More, Trucost) and based on previous compiling.

Unlike other years, the inclusion of information by the management will be possible from June and will be accessible until the OpenCorporation Day scheduled for December 18, 2020, the date on which the OpenCorporation 2020 ranking will be presented, and then accessible again from January 2021. The extension of the time available for the management to include information, together with a constant updating of the company information – at least on a monthly basis – give constant dynamism to the Opencorporation Ranking .

The ability to continuously update and upload company information allows the individual multinational companies observed and rated by OpenCorporation to constantly improve their rating and consequently their ranking.

As of today the OpenCorporation ranking continues to be guided by LVMH, followed by ENEL and Allianz. The different rankings for each thematic rating see several multinational companies in the top positions: AB Electrolux for social dialogue; Bankia for working conditions, Talanx AG, for social responsability Nestlè, for the financial dimension, Webuild spa for diversity, Rentokil Initial Plc for accessibility, Banco Bradesco Sa for environment, Famar srl for fiscal impacts and Assicurazioni Generali Spa for transparency.

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