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How shall we meet again “after” the CoronaVirus?

by Gabriele Guglielmi, Filcams CGIL International Policies Coordinator and OpenCorporation

(translation by Federico Tani)

For over a month, we have only spoken to each other via digital devices. Religious rites, including Easter, have been “officiated and participated” remotely, even regulations, e.g. the Italian ones, to contain the contagion, provided that collective negotiations take place remotely.

Considerations on how the future will be are in progress. A debate is taking place on what the changes will be also in the meetings, including those of the EWCs (European Works Councils), see e.g. my previous contribution, the ETUFs document and the interview to the EWC training coordinator of ETUI; and in training, the legal implications related to remote meetings.

We are wondering: if the only model is not the “only remotely” model, how will meetings be organized, managed and experienced in the near future? How will travel, the “places where we gather physically” be, despite having to respect social distancing?

With the aim of organizing EWC meetings accessible to all and more sustainable for the planet, in the #pre_CoronaVirus (#before corona virus) era, we had launched MeetingForAll: , a platform that can be used to facilitate the coordination of meetings within different kinds such as corporate meetings, courses, congresses, events.

In the #del_CoronaVirus (#coronavirus) era a new MeetingForAll approach is needed to respond also to the impending and future situations caused by Covid-19 such as traveling, participating, coexisting; the collective contribution of experiences, ideas and proposals is necessary.

A possible “path regarding the before and after” could be:

Before“:test the last meeting attended by filling out this form:

After“: using the same scheme in the form, suggest what changes need to be made:

  • Booking Form
  • Hotel Accessibility
  • Conference room accessibility
  • Restaurant accessibility
  • Working documents accessibility
  • Low environmental impact meetings
  • Low environmental impact of travel, accommodations
  • Low environmental impact of meals and refreshments
  • Low environmental impact of garbage disposal
  • Event details
  • Other

And send it to

#InsiemeCeLaFaremo (#together we’ll make it)

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