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ETUI training: react and relaunch

by Ilaria Costantini, Education Officer ETUI

ETUI – European Trade Union Institute – is the independent research and training centre of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) which itself affiliates European trade unions into a single European umbrella organisation. 

ETUI training offer is usually made of face to face activities and online courses. Current constraints are requiring us to react by rethinking our offer and the way we reach out our potential participants. That’s why we’re about informing all our contact persons working in national Trade Unions about a series of online courses open for registrations. Those contact persons will then spread the information – with instructions on how to enrol – towards their Organizations and make sure that over 800 seats available will be booked. All courses are for free and foresee the support of online tutors. The following 4 areas are covered:

  1. EWC: the 8th English edition of this introductory course, addressed to 150 current or future EWC, SE or SNB members, plus trade unionist who play a role in coordinating or supporting EWCs. In addition, the same course will be also offered for the 1st time in its Spanish version. After summer, the Italian edition will be launched, together with the 2nd run of the French one;
  2. English: an intermediate level course for 300 trade unionists with already a basic English knowledge. Grammar goes hand in hand with union glossary, thanks to the use of selected videos and documents;
  3. Project management: based on the ETUI long training experience in this area, it’s designed for 50 unionists with a basic knowledge or practical experience in dealing with projects. Participants will learn how to draft and manage project proposals to get external funding, and also how to daily work with a project approach. An intermediate level of English is required;
  4. European Union: thought for a large public of 300 participants, it presents an introduction to EU Institutions and European Social Partners, showing what role Unions can play in influencing the EU decision making process through the available tools. An intermediate level of English is recommended.

More detailed information on each course will be soon made available on ETUI online courses webpage.

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