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Mese: Giugno 2019

Responsible Business Summit, New York 18-19 March 2019

by Ornella Cilona

Over one hundred people, including participants and speakers, attended the Responsible Business Summit, held in New York from 18 to 19 March 2019 by Ethical Corporation, a British company that provides consultancy services, prepares research and organizes events on sustainability issues

Summit imprese responsabili- New York, 18-19 Marzo 2019

a cura di Ornella Cilona

Oltre cento persone, fra partecipanti e relatori, hanno presenziato al Responsible Business Summit, organizzato a New York dal 18 al 19 marzo 2019 da Ethical Corporation,una società inglese che offre servizi di consulenza, prepara ricerche e organizza eventi sui temi legati alla sostenibilità

The role and functions of workers’ representatives in the transnational company.

by Ornella La Tegola, Labour Law researcher at the University of Bari

A good social dialogue and the recognition of the right of workers and their representatives to be involved allows attention to be paid to all socially sensitive issues, creating a virtuous circle that extends from fundamental social rights of workers to citizenship rights.

Il ruolo e le funzioni dei rappresentanti dei lavoratori nell’impresa transnazionale

a cura di Ornella La Tegola, Ricercatrice di Diritto del Lavoro nell’Università di Bari

Un buon dialogo sociale e il riconoscimento dei diritti di coinvolgimento dei lavoratori e dei loro rappresentanti consentono di prestare attenzione a tutti i temi socialmente sensibili creando un circolo virtuoso che si estende dai diritti sociali fondamentali dei lavoratori a quelli di cittadinanza.

Post-democracy: what would happen if companies became parties?

The European Parliament has just been elected and is in the process of taking office. We propose an “original reading” of some data. In Brussels and the surrounding area, it is estimated that there are at least 20,000 lobbyists, of whom around 12,000 are registered in the special transparency register set up on 3 October 2018 with the obligation for the 751 MEPs – to which all European Commissioners, including their heads of cabinet and directors-general, are subject – to make meetings with “registered lobbyists” public.