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Towards an FCA-Renault merger

by Davide Dazzi

Press agencies #Bloomberg and #Reuters seem to confirm the rumors released by #FinancialTimes about the creation of an international player in the automotive industry after the merger of FCA NV and Renault.

OpenCorporation data based on Orbis (BVD) source shows that the automotive world is dominated by 10 industrial groups, led by the German #Volkswagen group after overtaking Toyota Motor Corporation in 2017. The #FCA group, in this ranking, is in 6th position, with a turnover of over 110 billion euros (2018) while #Renault is in 12th position with a turnover of 59 billion euros.

OpenCorporation processing based on Orbis (BVD) data

* Data in red are derived from sources and estimates other than BVD

The potential merger agreement would give rise to a group with a capitalisation of over 35 billion (as of 2018), with a turnover of 170 billion euros and over 400 thousand employees. On the basis of turnover, the new international player would climb the TOP 10 rankings and reach 3rd place. In terms of employees, the new industrial group would rise to 2nd place, surpassing #Toyota Motor Corporation.

If the agreement were to extend to the alliance with #Nissan and #Mitsubishi, which is not a remote possibility given the necessary expansion of Fca in the Asian market, it would be the world’s leading automotive group in terms of turnover, cars sold and number of employees.

OpenCorporation processing based on Orbis (BVD) data

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